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The Parker Lab is hiring scientists at every stage. We are looking for individuals who possess a curious and collaborative spirit. Positions are available in multiple project areas, including reconstitution biochemistry, bioinformatics, single-molecule imaging, live-cell imaging and cancer biology. Individuals who wish to leverage specialized technological expertise in advancing the labs established research interests are particularly encouraged to apply.

Postdoctoral applicants: Please send a cover letter explaining your interest in the lab along with CV and 3 letters of recommendation to matthew.parker*at*

Prospective graduate students: We accept students from UTSW's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Projects are available across a range of disciplines, including biochemistry, bioinformatics and cell and cancer biology.

Technicians and staff: Please send an email explaining your background and future goals to matthew.parker*at* 


Have a question or suggestion? We'd be glad to hear from you! Drop us a message and we will get back to you shortly or stop by lab.

Thanks for submitting!

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